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  1. season 1 (1996-1997)
  2. Pilot   (2 hours)
  3. In Friends We Trust
  4. No Fear  [with Wendy Kilbourne]
  5. Just a Rumor
  6. Play Astronaut For Me
  7. Lost In Space
  8. Family Values
  9. Buried In Peace
  10. The Need To Know
  11. Reggie's Wild Ride
  12. Burning Fuse
  13. Judgement Call
  14. The Accusation
  15. Interpretations 
  16. Hurricane
  17. The Last to Know
  18. The Astronaut Formerly Known as Prince
  19. Enemy Within
  20. Just Like Old Times  [with James Read]
  21. Mir, Mir, Off the Wall, part I 
  22. Mir, Mir, Off the Wall, part II  <LAST>

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The Cape is the property of MTM Enterprises and Zaloom Mayfield Productions. It aired in syndication.

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